Side note:

I am currently working on adding easy to use order page where you could order a sprite from categories, see the exact prices of selected work and order it by just one click using paypal.

Whenever I finish working on it, it will be available to access  on the top menu bar.


Please let me slightly introduce myself to you...

My name is Matt and I am mainly drawing and tattooing in realistic/semi-realistic style for many years but since I found out we can replace original Tibia sprites with my very own works,

 I also have been creating unique sprites for 2 years now. If you are familiar with OtLand forum you may already have seen some of my works that I shared there.

If this is the first time you hearing of me, please feel comfortable and do not hesitate to have a look around the website to get to know me and my style better.

I hope to be able to meet your expectations and that we can cooperate in very near future.


Discord: marek12#8622